Sunday, March 14, 2010

All Kinds of Pretty

All Kinds of Pretty is the name of a great blog where I have recently started blogging.  The whole idea of it is so awesome - real women, real bodies, real budgets.  When I saw Snarky Mommy talking about it, I had to check it out and once I did, I knew I wanted to me a part of it. 

Since I came across All Kinds of Pretty, I have really been thinking alot not so much about WHAT I wear, but WHY I wear it.  Not just WHAT are my fall backs, but WHY they are?  I don't know about you, but I have slightly strange relationship with my clothes.  I have certain ones that are make me feel like a goddess and onces that I put on when I want that MILF status.  I have jeans that I only wear when none of my others are clean and sweaters that I don't really love but I know they look nice for work. 

I think being a part of this site is going to be great for me.  There are lots of great women posting there, moms like me, some who balance work outside the home with raising thier families, some whose full-time job IS taking care of thier  - we are all so different, but it makes me realize that everyone has that "thing" with thier clothes - clothes help us show the world who we are and they make us feel good.  And that is a good thing.

So check us out.  I think you'll like it.


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