Sunday, December 27, 2009

Christmas in pictures (lots of pictures...)

We had a wonderful Christmas 2009.  The girls are at that perfect age for the magic and excitedment of the holiday season and it was impossible to be around them and not get caught up in thier joy!  Christmas has always been my favorite time of the year, but this year was extra special because of my little princesses.  Here are some pictures from my mom's annual Christmas Day - this year we coined the term Merry Mimi Christmas - and from our house on Christmas morning.

The girls - Savannah, Mia, Zora, Tara and Caitlin

The little girls - Caitlin and Tara

The big girls - Mia, Savannah and Zora

My girls - Tara and Savannah

My sister's kiddos - Mia and Tripp

The boys - Tristan, Gabriel, Christian, Chance, Chaz and Tripp

The whole crew - Tristan, Gabriel, Chance, Christian, Chaz, Tripp, Caitlin, Mia, Savannah, Zora and Tara

Me and my girls!


Yep - it really is that chaotic - and really that fun!

Ready for Santa!

Look out - she has wheels!

Look - Santa was hungry!

Showing off thier dolls!

Prince Charming got something too!  No more instant coffee at 'Dega!

Showing off thier gifts for Mama!

My little artist!

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