Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Family Ties

What is is about going "home" that makes you feel 10 years old all over again?  I went home to see my family in Arkansas this past weekend and overall it was a great visit.  But, there is that little stuff that always comes up that always takes you back.  And not in a good way.

Honestly, can't we all just get along?!?!

So, anyway, there was that.  On to other news - Kris the Christmas Elf has been hanging around our house - the girls love having him around and seeing what new place he will be in when they wake in the morning. I love having him around because a reminder that "Kris is watching..." is surprisingly effective.  I am hoping that he will be a annual tradition at our house.

Savannah is now down 2 teeth - the second one came out tonight (with a little help from Dr. Mom...).  Looks like the tooth fairy will be paying us a visit again soon.  And, along with Kris, a suggestion that perhaps a call to the tooth fairy is in order is pretty darn effective.  Oh, yeah, I went there proudly!  There is nothing I won't stoop to as a mom. 

Savannah looked doubtful for a moment and then said skeptically, "You don't really have her phone number, do you???"

I assured her that indeed I did, that it is in the special mommy book they give you when you become a mom.

What?  You didn't get your copy? 

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