Sunday, January 10, 2010

The catch-up lunch post

So, I got a little (okay, alot) behind on the lunches sometime in December (short month anyway because school let out for Christmas break, Tara had her tonsils out, which meant Savannah stayed with friends and ate the cafeteria meal...ahhh, but I digress...); at some point, I just decided to call it good and just get a fresh start come January.  But, I still managed to take a photo of the lunches I did make (and one crazy supper) so now, all in one whack - a bunch o' lunches for your consideration:

1) Wheat thins, mini pepperonis and mozzerella chunks, red bell pepper strips and strawberries (with some blueberries for Tara).

2) Mini pretzels, cheddar cheese cubes, red bell pepper slices and clemintines.

3) This is the supper that either wins me the Mama of the Year Award or causes someone to call Child Services:  I call it a Waffle Sundae - A whole-grain waffle with strawberry filling (frozen) with maple and chocolates syrups, whipped cream and a cherry.  Hey - minus the chocolate syrup, whipped cream and cherry, it is a very ordinary breakfast - I just let the girls dress it up some for supper.  They ate every bite!!!

I came up with Waffle Sundaes after a particulary stressful workday - I wanted something quick and easy that I knew would go over well and would get me out of the kitchen fast and avoid any whining.  Since then, I don't pull them out often, but Waffle Sundaes for supper are always a hit!

4) Wheat things, cherries-sweetened cranberries, vanilla yogurt, a ham roll up, grape tomatos for Tara and baby cukes for Savannah and a fudge-covered Ritz for a treat.

5) Hot dog chucks and cheddar cheese cubes, red bell pepper slices, strawberry slices and a mini cupcake for each.  This lunch followed Savannah's birthday - the cupcakes were left over from her birthday treat at school.

6) Wheat thins, grilled chicken slices, red bell pepper clices and strawberries and homemade whipped cream.

7) Spaghetti with sauce and parmesan cheese, red bell pepper strips and strawberry slices.

I confess that I did not photograph last week lunches - just needed a little time to get back in the saddle I guess, but tomorrow's lunch is already prepared and photographed, so tune in next wee to kick off our second semester's worth of lunches.

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