Monday, January 18, 2010

Enter whining...

Tara, my sweet, precious angel is everything that you could ever want in a daughter.  She is such a sweet spirit, she is funny, she is silly, she is smart, she is kind-hearted.  I know that she is going to do amazing things with her life and that this world is better because she is in it. 

How can you not love this face?


You know there was a "but", right?

THE WHINING...oh, my gosh, THE WHINING!!!

If she is not completely happy, every syllable that somes out of her mouth has the most annoying, broken record, sing-songy tone of angst.  Allow me to demonstrate...


What do you do about the whining?  I think for the longest time, we just assumed that she would grow out of it.  But, she turns 4 in a few weeks and the whining is louder and more annoying that ever.

We have started to really call her attention to it, because, honestly, I think a lot of it is habit.  We will ask her to repeat herself in a regular voice and, [gasp] miracle of miracles, she is capable of talking in regular sentences...

Prince Charming will also talk back to her in a whine to show her how it sounds - that ususally gets her laughing and she will make a point to speak in a normal voice.

So, are we doing the right thing?  Will it get better?  Or is she destined to rival Fran Drescher for most annoying voice?

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  1. I was apparently a whiner as a child. I say that b/c I distinctly remember my mother telling me over & over to STOP WHINING. In 2nd grade I wrote "Stop Whining" in my new year's resolutions.

    But I also distinctly remember not having a clue what Mom meant by "whining." My son wasn't much of a whiner - I mean a little bit around age 2-3 that we were able to minimize with "Use your big boy voice." I think the biggest challenge is making them understand what whining is exactly and getting them to comprehend precisely what you expect them to DO and NOT DO.


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