Wednesday, August 12, 2009

America's next top model...

...well, maybe if I wasn't 36!!! So my mom is a great seamstress and she recently came across a "how-to"
online to make a version of the dress generally know as a Le Sac dress. It is basically a sheath dress with a tie at the top that you can wear several different ways depending how how you adjust the sheath and the tie. She made me two (I love being a daughter!!!!) - one in black and one in lilac. I told her I would model it different ways to show the different ways you can wear it. I used the black tie with the lilac dress in all the styles so that you could see how each is tied. Some of them I think will look better with a tie of the same color. Anyway, here you go:

This is a Grecian style:

This is a more basic style:

This is a halter style. I used a rhinestone clip-on earring in the center of the "V" in the front.

And another halter style. This is one of my favorites:

I love this dress! You can really play with the fabric - pulling and tucking it to get the look you want to get. There are several other ways to wear it and I will try to post those later.

Now I just need someplace to go...

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