Monday, August 10, 2009

On the dark side...

So, I went on Saturday for my every-other-month hair appointment. I knew when I went I wanted something darker. I, was, very blond - really - I have been highlighting of some kind for most of my life!!! I have been darker blonde and lighter blond, but even at my darkests, I will still blond enough to qualify as "dark blonde."

No more, people. I am brunette - officially! I feel smarter already...

Seriously, it is dark. It has only been two days, so I am still doing double takes when I see my reflection in a mirror - or any mirrored surface for that matter. When I got home on Saturday, the girls came to the stairs to see me and just got the most confused grins on thier faces. Yeah, they were looking around for Ashton Kutcher and the rest of the Punk'd crew. But, they say they like it, so I guess that means I can keep it.

So far, all the feedback from my, friends, has been really good. And right after they say, Ooooohhhh, I like it, they then say, "So, what does Dan think?" For the record, he likes it too. Although, honestly, I think he would be fine if I colored it purple so long as I don't cut it! :)


  1. Saw the photos on FB! Looks great

  2. Thanks, Buck!!! I added one here too! Congrats and thank you for being my first comment! Your check is in the!


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