Monday, August 31, 2009

What the girls ate for lunch #2 - w/e 8/28/09

So, the second full week of school has come and gone. The girls are settling in nicely - they like their teachers, their friends and Tara is just so thrilled to be going off to her school with her big sister each day!!! Of course, you would think Tara was 16, the way she plans her wardrobe each night before bed. If she wakes before me in the morning, she is standing at the top of the stairs with her clothes in her arms ready to get dressed. She is my little diva, for sure.

Anyway, on to lunches - although I packed lunch for them four days - taking Wednesday off - I only remembered to take pictures of two. I will try to do better next week!

On Monday, the girls had ditalini pasta (Savannah had a red sauce in the little green condiment container), strawberries, cheese cubes and sugar snaps with ranch dressing in the little container. It was a good lunch - they ate most every bite, except for a few sugar snaps that Tara finished on the way home.

On Friday, they had baloney and cheese roll ups, pretzels, fresh pineapple and mini baby carrots. Savannah came home and announced that she did not like her cheese in a roll up...funny, she liked it a month ago...oh well.

We have been doing pretty good with the waste-free lunches. The girls love their thermoses and napkins. We all love the napkins - I am thinking of getting a bunch for the house and eliminating paper napkins and paper towels for the most part! But, don't judge me too harshly, when you see the individually wrapped fruit leathers I got for the occasional lunch treat - hey, they're organic...


  1. Your lunches look so yummy!
    I got a bunch of cloth napkins (some on clearance at Bed Bath and Beyond, some 2-for-$1 at the Dollar Tree, and some are just colorful bandanas from Hobby Lobby). I love them for lunches and at home. I do still use paper towels for some things, but I don't buy paper napkins any more. I figure that the reusable napkins and the disposable food packaging balance each other out!

  2. Thanks, Amy! I am glad that you like the lunches - we are having fun with them.

    We will probably always use paper towels for some things, but, baby steps, right? :)

  3. Wow,ok, I am seriously impressed. My kids would die for lunches like that! Bravo, momma!


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