Thursday, September 3, 2009

Where to start...

...I don't even know. I have a trillion and one things to do and what am I sitting her doing? Writing in my blog, checking out facebook, hanging around the etsy site (Gawd, I LOVE that site - you can find ANYTHING there!!!). Oh and watching last nights episode of Top Chef! And Project Runway comes on tonight (TIVO'ing it now), so that means I will be getting my bath late and going to bed later than I should!

And, in the midst of all this - just about 10 feet away from where I am sitting is a huge pile of...well, stuff!!! See, my annual foray into the yard sale business is just three weeks away and as usual, I am way behind on getting ready for it. Oh, I am very good at the drag-it-all-down-the-stairs-and-pile-it-in-the-front-room part of prepping - it is the organizing, cleaning, folding, hanging and tagging that I can't ever seem to get around too!

And I am a total yard sale nerd! I love it! I love setting all my stuff out - seeing everyone paw through it and (Yay!) handing over money to me for stuff I wasn't using anyway!

Oh, well - we are heading into a three-day weekend, so hopefully, I will get some motivation going and get some organization!!!

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