Wednesday, September 9, 2009

What the girls ate for lunch #3 - w/e 9/04/09

Another week down - another week of lunches.  Here we go:

Monday:  Identical lunches today - smiley potatos with ketchup in the little condiment container, cheddar cheese cubes, strawberries and pineapples and sugar snaps.

Tuesday:  Almost identical - sandwich pinwheels with cheese and provolone (freezer section of the grocery), red bell pepper strips, pretzel sticks, grapes and a fruit strip, with some blueberries for Tara (Savannah does not like blueberries).  Savannah was not impressed with the pinwheels - Tara ate every bite.

Wednesday was cafeteria day.

Thursday:  Okay, today was a bit of indulgence - I made "fairy sandwhiches" for the girls - a butter sandwich (hey, not judging) with pink "fairy" (ummmm...sugar) sprinkles.  Savannah's is the heart shape, Tara had the dinasour (a little sad looking).  Along with that, they had string cheese chunks, red bell pepper strips and berries (strawberries for both and blueberries added for Tara).

Friday:  Last day of the week!  Wheat thins, cheese cubes and sugar snaps, strawberries for Savannah and grapes and blueberries for Tara.

I know I have like 5 whole regular readers, but I hope my lunch recaps insprire you to be creative with your own kid's lunches.  I spend about 15 minutes or less putting together thier lunches.  I really enjoy looking back and knowing what I made them.  I am proud of the fact that thier lunches are about 50 percent fruir and veggies!!!  Hopefully, they continue to love thier fruits and veggies as they grow!!!


  1. Yes - I've been waiting for this post! Now, where is it? lol

  2. One of your loyal readers here! Those lunches are great! Do you also have to do breakfast and a snack? I struggle to put together all of the food CJ needs for a day because it's all three and I don't know if I have that much room in his lunch box. I've been trying to find something that would work for all three without being wasteful. Love the ideas here, though!

  3. Jenny - I revised - hope you got it all this time. :)

    Staci - Thanks! I only have to pack lunch. The girls have a light breakfast at home (chocolate milk and a cereal bar or yoguart or string cheese) and then the school provides a morning and afternoon snack, so we don't have to worry about that. Take a look at the lunchsense line of products - it is an investment on the front end, but because they contain more than one container, it might work for you - you could label a small one for breakfast, and a small one for lunch and then do his lunch in the larger container. Plus there is a beverage container and an ice pack and it all packs together.

  4. I read these too!!! I LOVE seeing what you put together for the girls. I try most of your ideas on G-money... but she sometimes looks at me like, "really mom? bell peppers"... poor thing. Probably started preparing her palate a little sooner than 3. ;)

    LOVE, LOVE the pics. They inspire me! XO

  5. Loyal reader here! Thank-you for the lunch inspirations.


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