Sunday, September 13, 2009

What the girls ate for lunch #4 - w/e 9/11/09

Short lunch week this week becaue of Labor Day.  The girls only had 3 days of school.  I called Tuesday my Double Monday because it was our first day back to work/school and it was also Dance Night - well, gymnastics for Savannah and ballet/tap for Tara.  Now THAT was a long day!!!
We are experiencing a (hopefully temporary) setback in the "waste-free" credo.  Those fancy-shmancy Thermoses that I bought the girls - well apparently during transport from home to school to cafeteria, the contents gets pressurized - giving the girls a lovely shower when they pop the spout open to drink.  Not a good thing!!!  So, I went back to the rubbermaid "juice box" containers and, well, unless they are kept completely upright, they always end up leaking...ugh!  So, for now, we are back to pre-packages drinks - but I am not giving up hope of finding a good beverage container option for pre-school set that will fit easily in a lunchbox and be easy to use and not leak or spray!!! 
So, onto the lunches...
Tuesday - slice of pepperoni pizza left over frum supper the night before and for Savannah - red and yellow bell pepper strips, strawberries and a cereal bar cut into chucks.  For Tara, baby carrots, cherry tomatoes, strawberries and blueberries and an applesauce.  Not a good lunch day for Savannh - my fault mostly - she came home and announced that she does not like the yellow bell pepper strips and also that the cereal bar got all mushy and crumbled all over everything.  I didn't think about the fact that being in the same container with the fruits and veggies might cause it to get mushy.  It probably would have been okay if I had put it into a separate container, but all in the same tray like that with no divider was not a good move...
Thursday - For Savannah, a string cheese, wheat thins, red bell pepper strips and sliced strawberries.  She ate every bite.  For Tara, a little blends yogurt, blueberries, wheat thins, baby carrots and sugar snaps.  Another home run!
Friday - Savannah - pepperonis, mozzerella cheese cubes, pretzel sticks, baby carrots with ranch dip, grapes and for a treat, a fruit strip.  Tara - tomato and provoline sandwich spirals, grapes, baby carrots and broccoli, applesauce and for a treat, a fruit strip.
I find myself making them similar but different lunches for them.  I really thought I would be doing to identical lunches, but Savannah is more picky this year than she has been in the past, and I try to include things that each of them likes.  Still, most days at least some components of thier lunches are the same. 
As a side note, I am actually finding that in spite of the quite a few cute little bento boxes that we have and the laptop lunchboxes, my favorite lunch container for them is the regular Gladware sandwhich-sized container using the silicone muffin cups as dividers.  They seem to hold just the right amount and put all the food on display in a cute way.  Same concept as the laptop lunches, but a little smaller and more compact.  Anyway, just think it is funny that the gladware I got for less than $1.00 is my lunch-packing fave!!!  What lunch containers do you prefer?


  1. I have started using the $1 bin sandwich containers from Target with the silicone muffin cups inside - I love this idea too! But I desperately need something for ranch or ketchup dip - I'm going to have to find those - and get those Gladware ones, since they're a bit bigger!

  2. The little condiment containers can be found on the internet pretty easily. Just seach for "bento condiment container." I think the ones we have were 4 for $2.00 or something like that. They are easy for little fingers to open, but stay securely shut until opened.


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