Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Your wish is my command...

So, usually, when I have an opportunity to sum myself up in a sentence or 2, I say something like this:

From 9-5 I am an attorney for a wonderful organization, which makes a great cover for my real identity - Queen Stephenie. Hey - it must be true as I am mama to two little princesses!

Lately, though I am rethinking that. As queen, shouldn't I have more of a life of leisure? Seems I spend all my time responding to to "Make me some chocolate milk!" and "I need something to eat!" and "Put on Max and Ruby!" and, not to be omitted, "Wipe my bottom!!!!" (okay, that one is from Tara, my littlest princess and to be fair, she is only 3!)

Seems to me that I am no queen...

I'm a body servant.

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