Thursday, October 29, 2009

Loads of Lunches - What the girls ate for lunch...

I am 2 weeks behind I think, but don't worry - I have been taking the pictures, I just haven't been good about posting the pictures.  So, rather than try to go back day by day, I am just going to post them all here and describe the contents. 

First up - This was Monday, October 19 - cinnamon roll (made from pre-made cresent roll dough), for Tara - yellow bell pepper strips, blueberries, and strawberry yogurt; for Savannah - baby carrots, strawberries and vanilla yogurt.

Tuesday, October 20 - honey baked hams slices, wheat thins, baby carrots and broccoli, strawberries (with some blueberries for Tara) and mini pretzels dipped in strawberry yogurt coating.

Friday, October 23 - half a mini pita, orange bell pepper strips, apple slices, vanilla yogurt for Savannah and strawberry yogurt for Tara.  Oh, notice the yogurt containers - I posted before about wanting a reusable mini container for snacks and such.  Well, I found the perfect solition at One Step Ahead.  They are 2oz containers with twist on lids - meant for homemade babyfood, but perfect for snacks on the go or yogurt and such!  Yay, me!!!

Monday, October 26 - bow tie pasta with stroganoff sauce and sour cream, foccicia toasts, for Tara - blueberries and yellow bell pepper strips, for Savannah - raisins and orange bell pepper strips.

Tuesday, October 27 - "Fairy bread" - mini bagels with butter spread and sprinkles, apple chunks, pepperonis and mozzerella chunks and red bell pepper strips.

Thursday, October 29 - boiled egg, apple slices, red bell pepper strips and pretzel goldfish.

Friday, October 30 - spaghettie with sauce and cheese sprinkles, banana and mini pretzels with strawberry yogurt coating.

I am learning this year that I can no longer just pack whatever I want and know that it will be eaten.  Savannah eats much better nowdays when she helps choose what will be in her lunch. So, we are more interactive this year, but that can only be a good thing!

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