Sunday, November 15, 2009

New stop on the Tooth Fairy route...

Yep - that's my princess showing off her pearly white and that gap-toothed grin!  She was so excited, she was like a wiggley puppy!!!  That tooth has been loose for a long time and this past week, it was REALLY loose.  By the weekend, it was literally dangling in her mouth.  Tonight I got her to let me see if I could pop it out and it came out just like that - I didn't even have to tug. That silver hippo was a baby gift from Savannah's Granny Ethel - my grandmother.  When she first realized that she had a loose tooth, she insisted on getting down from the top shelf of her bookcase where it has been since even before she was born.  Hippo has been waiting by her nightstand for this night for weeks!!!

So, the tooth fairy will have a stop at our house tonight.  I hear the going rate for a tooth these days is $5.00???

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