Sunday, November 8, 2009

What the girls at for lunch #11 - w/e 11/6

Another week of lunches for you.  Getting right to it!

Monday - rotisserie chicken breast, wheat thins, baby carrots and ranch dressing and sliced strawberries.

Tuesday - pretzels, strawberries, yogurt and a string cheese

Wednesday- spaghetti and sauce with a chicken meatball, a banana for Tara and an apple for Savannah.

Friday - boiled egg "bunny" for Tara and "bear" for Savannah, sliced strawberries, nutri-grain bar and a string cheese.

You may have noticed the absence of veggies in most of the lunches.  Not sure what happened with my shopping, but for some reason I didn't get any red peppers which are the girls favorites and I ran out of carrots early on.  Oh, well - I stocked up this week!  Have a great week everyone!!

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