Monday, November 9, 2009


I have decided I do not like this feeling that I MUST post every single day.  I just feel like my blog is becoming less about posting that that interest me and more about posting something becuase I have to.  I have to many other things in my life that I HAVE to do to add one more thing to the list!  ARGGGGHHHH!!!!

Today was Monday and it was an okay day.  Both girls had a good day at school - Savannah is coming along so great in her reading and Tara, well, Tara just enjoys life - what can I say?  While Savannah worked on homework this evening, Tara did "homework" too - coloring some pictures for the fridge.  Her scibbles are starting to look more like people and things now, so it is so sweet to hear her descibe her work.  Her latest was "Girl dress up as a spider."  And, if you look a moment, you can totally see that!

I have spent most of the evening working on hair clippies and my newest thing - ribbon headbands.  Don't ask me why I spend time making hair accessories - it is just relaxing for me in a way - my own creative outlet, I guess.  I have them in a gift shop downtown and am hoping to have them in another store soon.  Not quitting my day job, but I do get a satisfaction from doing something creative that people are willing to pay money for. 

In other news, going to see Jason Aldean this weekend (YAY!!!) and Thanksgiving is right around the corner.  I have a theory that people fall into 2 catogories - those who shop Black Friday and those who do not.  My mom and I fall into the Those Who Shop catagory!  I can't wait!  I am hoping to get a large part of our Christmas shopping done.   I have picked up a few things here and there for the girls, including a Madame Alexander play doll for each!  Planning to hit up for some cute clothes for the dolls - course, Tara's will probably end up naked anyway!!!

So, one more post down.  I guess the thing to decide is whether I keep up my daily posts at least for the duration of November or if I decide to go back to only posting when I want to.  Any thoughts? 


  1. Hi Trixie - wow, could have written your post myself; have cut way back on posting, too. Of course I'll miss reading your updates but I get it!

  2. Hi, Elizabeth! Thanks! Still going to post daily at least for now. So, we will see how it goes... I enjoy your blog as well - you and the kiddos have a great time!!!


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