Thursday, November 12, 2009

Teeth, ears and meltdowns, oh my...

My apoligies in advance for the randomness of this post, but the girls have pretty much been at the forefront of my mind today and I have lots to update.

Tara had a recheck on her ears today.  About three weeks ago, she had a routine hearing screen at school and failed in her right ear.  So, as a first step, I took her in to her pediatrician for an ear check and sure enough, ear infection.  That was an unpleasant blast from the past for us...  Tara had probably half a dozen ear infections before she was a year old; tubes right at a year and continued to have ear infections fairly often after that ...but never enough to consider re-tubing.  Her last ear infection was in May, so we had a pretty good respite over the summer.  So, fast forward to October and now she has another infection.  One round of Suprax later and a week later, no infection, but still fluid in her ears.  So, today, we go in for her recheck and would you believe that now BOTH of her ears have ear infections!!!!   Now, Tara is my little diva and has always leaned to the dramatic, so while, yeah, she has been a cranky britches of late, she is THREE and hey, she is TARA - how was I supposed to know that she had a pretty darn good reason for being cranky!!!  I swear, I am gonna just start giving her a dose of Ibuprophen with her chocolate milk in the morning just to cover our bases!!!  Anyway, now she gets the lovely Augmenten which the pharmacist forgot to flavor, so yeah, getting her to take it is going to be super fun...  Good thing, I am not above the Dr. Pepper bribe and if you don't know what that is, you apparently don't have kids...

Miss Savannah - she is such a sweetie, but boy, that girl can get her back up out of the blue for no apparent reason at all!!!  Since she is such a mellow girl most of the time, not such a big deal, but suddenly this past week, she has been showing that temper in her class at school.  Some of you may already know that we went through a rough patch with her last year, enough so that we sought out counseling for her just to rule out any identifiable issues.  It really helped her and this year has been beautiful.  Well, until this week...  Apparently, she has managed to have at least one meltdown in class each day for the past week.  What the!?!?  When we talk to her about this stuff, she is very candid about her actions and knows exactly what she did and why she should not have done it.  She is contrite and I believe she is sincere when she promises that "tomorrow will be better." 

My sweet, sweet, smart girl - I wish I could see inside her head and see what is going on with her.  Can't do that, but I can see inside her mouth - which I did tonight when I was flossing her teeth.  Would you believe there is a big, ol', gnarly molar about three-quarters of the way in!!!!  OWWWWW!!!!  No wonder she has had a tough week!!!!  Poor thing.  I am not so naive as to think that that tooth coming in is the sole reason for her off behavior this week, but I do think that if I had a big chuck of rock digging through my gum, I might be a bit more on edge than usual. 

Guess I need to make that Ibuprophen for two, huh???

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