Monday, November 16, 2009

What the girls ate for lunch #12 - w/e 11/13/09

Monday - mini pepperonis, pretzel goldfish, sliced strawberries and orange bell pepper strips.

Tuesday - french toast strips and syrup, sliced strawberries, for Savannah sliced cucumbers, for Tara sliced orange bell pepper strips and for both, a mini rice crispie treat.  (Thanks for Tara for help with the staging. :-) )

Thursday - For Savannah - a cereal bar, an organic fruit strip, grape tomatoes, wheat things and apple slices.  For Tara, cajun rice with black beans and corn, sliced grape tomatoes, ritz crackers and apple slices.

Friday - ham slices, sliced strawberries, sliced cucumbers and baby potatoes with parmasean cheese.


  1. Good ideas! We haven't tried bell pepper as a veggie yet, but maybe we will! and the potato is a good idea too!

  2. Red, yellow and orange bell peppers are probably the girls favorite veggie and it is definately my "go to" lunch veggie. They also love broccoli and sugar snaps.


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