Saturday, November 21, 2009

Savannah Saturday

Yesterday was the Thansksging class party in Savannah's senior kindergarten class.  They called it a Thanksgiving feast and let me assure you they were right!/  When I got there, they were taking turns at the different "cooking" stations:  cornbread, fruit salad and pumpkin pies.  There was also mashed potatos, cranberries and, of course, turkey and dressing.  They were all so cute with the seriousness with which they approached thier assigned tasks. 

Then, when everything was ready, we sent them outside to play for a few minutes while we set up the "dining room" by making one long "dining table" out of ther class tables.  We set the table, fixed thier plates and then called them back inside.  How cute was it when they all came back in wearing thier Pilgram bonnets! 

They sat down to thier meal, said thier blessing and then dug in!  Yum!  They had the best time and I have to say, so did I!  And, thankfully, there were plenty of leftovers to feed the parents!!!

Me and my princess...

Making her own pumpkin pie.

Move over, Rachael Ray!

Making cornbread takes concentration...

Channeling her inner Pilgram.

Watching the "blessing" was the best part!

Happy Thanksgiving!

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