Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Savannah the Star

In Savannah's senior-K class at school, the girls take turns being Star of the Week.  It is apparently a VERY. BIG. DEAL.  When you are Star of the Week, you get pretty much carte blanche to do whatever you want.  Savannah talks about it ALL. THE. TIME. and cannot wait for it to be her turn to be Star of the Week.  She has been planning since school started. 

When you are SOTW, you get to wear a special STAR attached to your dress.

There is the SOTW Interview session, where the classmates get to ask the SOTW questions.

There is the SOTW snack.  Savannah wants to bring cotton-candy cupcakes that are in a cookbook that we have.

There is the Star Box - where the SOTW brings in her favorite things.  Savannah is planning to bring - among other things - her Teddy and her Piglet.  The Piglet is a stuffed animal from when she was a baby and Teddy - well, Teddy is her teddy bear.

Then there is the SOTW Visit.  The SOTW can have ANYONE she wants come to visit with her class - including pets!  Savannah wants to bring her cousin Mia and also Daisy, our little dog.  Daisy is pretty hyper so I may have to bring out the doggy Xanax for that visit.  She is already planning to bring doggy treats to show off Daisy's tricks and has said she might have some her classmates try to help Daisy do her tricks.

So, this SOTW is a pretty big deal.  Savannah has it all planned out.  She will be all ready when it is her turn...

...IN APRIL...

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